Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up

Whew! It has been a busy summer so far! Your Two Teacher Friends just wrapped up summer school for I-Read 3 (we will get the results back next week, fingers crossed for those little nuggets) and we have already been in our rooms prepping for August. 

We are excited for The Summer Stock Up hosted by The Primary Gal! She has been working her butt off for all her blogger friends. 

The first product we have up for grabs is our BRAG TAGS. Have you ever used brag tags in the classroom?! (If not, you need to jump on that train right now because they are awwwwwwwesome!) It is a fun and creative way to reward your students for academic and behavioral accomplishments. Plus-it is very inexpensive and you don't have to buy candy to make your little ninos chunky. 

Some teachers let the students keep their hard earned brag tag. In my room, you give it back at the end of the day. Students do get to keep their birthday brag tags because birthdays are so special (mine is the first day of school this year, August 10th!) We print the brags on card stock and laminate to make them last longer. We use the ball chain necklaces instead of yarn so that they are longer lasting. (Plus, students think they are fancy getting to wear a 'real' necklace!) 

Here is an example of just how cool these things are~~~~~

Our next cool thing for you to sample is our Mastering Those Tricky R's . Those of you that participated in our last giveaway received Mastering Those Tricky O's---this is very similar except with R's (go figure!). In this sample you will receive R vowel posters, word cards, one breath boxes, clips words, and spinners. 

For you upper grade teachers we have a sampling of our Mean, Median, Mode, and Range product. In this preview we are giving you teaching posters, math notebook inserts, and a sampling of activities. This is such a fun way to teach averages. It makes my fourth graders feel like they are working hard and learning things that older kids work on--we always teach averages at the end of the year. I always tell my kids they are learning 5th grade material and they freak out about that and feel really special! Certain items can be used in small group settings or on an individual basis, depending on how you are using it. 

Well- I just trapped a bug in my classroom, I have to figure what my next step is...this girl DOES NOT do bugs. They are yucky/scary/nasty/and hopefully this one will be dead soon. (Sorry if you are a bug lover)

Your Two Teacher Friends