The Two Of Us

Hi! Two Teacher Friends was accidentally created one dreadful snow day (you have to understand, this was about the 9th day we were off from school)! We are two creative teachers who, at the time, had no creative outlet due to standardized testing. These snow days gave us the push we needed to get a fire under our tails and start our own Teachers Pay Teachers store. This has become the perfect outlet for our creative urges. 

Between us we have over 16 years of teaching K-8. We teach in a small southern Indiana town at a low SES school which is also a magnet school for the English Second Language population. We have over 700 students ranging from pre-K to 5th grade. 

Now....about us!!

Kelli is a mom/stepmom (to humans and dogs), a wife, a grandma/YaYa, a terrific cheese ball creator (this is Lizz's opinion) and, an ESL teacher to 4th graders. She enjoys cooking, antiquing, pinning, unsweet tea, spending time with her grandson, and watching The Walking Dead. 

Lizz is a wife, a daughter, a sister (to humans and puppies), a granddaughter, a Tervis enthusiast (seriously, she has a TON), a great party planner (this is Kelli's opinion) and a 4th grade teacher. She enjoys trying to cook...not the best at it, garage sales to find treasures, her selfie stick, Tazo Passion Fruit Tea and Crystal Light mixed, and Converse tennis shoes.

Lucky for us, we teach side by side. Over the years we have grown as collaborators, friends, and now businesses partners. We are stuck with each other, in a good way, like peanut butter and jelly, or Bert and Ernie. We finish each others thoughts and let the other know when she is being really weird (typically Lizz gets to tell Kelli this) (I guess that's not fair since Lizz is typing).

                                 Your Two Teacher Friends
                                    ~Kelli and Lizz~

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