Monday, January 11, 2016

Teacher Valentine's!

When we were little, Valentine's Day seemed like a bigger deal than it is today. We remember making mailboxes out of construction paper, glitter, and cereal boxes. Today, it seems a little different in our classrooms (We blame testing!). Granted-we do teacher fourth grade, so I am sure that is part of it.
Do you celebrate this holiday in your classroom?

We decided to make a product to allow teachers to have fun on this cute little holiday. Trust us, these Teacher Valentines are fun! There are 12 different Valentines for you to choose from. These Valentine's are promised to be stress-free and require little prep time, unlike other Valentine's we have passed out before. Print~Cut~Sign~and Attach to a goody (if you do that kind of thing). 

Some of the ideas we have included are Pencils, Candy, Goldfish, Swedish Fish, Lucky Charms, Pretzels, anything with the word Pop in it (Soda Pop~Ring Pop~Pop Rocks~Popcorn), honestly, the possibilities are endless!

These Valentine's include something fun: the option of QR Codes. What student doesn't love QR Codes?! There are9 different 'goodies' to give with the QR Codes including....

Here are the 'goodies' you can give if you use the QR code Valentine's
 As a teacher, we know how expensive little holidays can be! Hopefully, these QR Code Valentines will help out your wallet.

Look at the other fun things we have included:

Each Valentine has a tip page so you can have an idea of what time of treat to attach. Like I said before, little holidays really add up fast! Don't feel obligated to give something out to your students. Sometimes, a small note on a cute tag can mean more! 

This product will be $1 (that means you save $1.50!!!!)  January 11, 12, and 13th to help you prepare for the day of love.  Don't miss out! 
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