Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekend Project~~~Krylon Looking Glass Paint

    Living in Indiana can be a real treat! You are never really sure what to wear when because the weather is constantly changing! My closet is always confused on days I have recess duty. With this nicer weather we have had the past week I have had the itch to change my back porch a little.
    My husband and I have a thing for antiques. We love us a good yard sale. We love going to antique stores. The rustier the better:) Our back porch has a huge 4 pane window. There are only 2 windows in it, but that is OK with us! The past 2 summers the windows had chalkboard paint on them. This year we wanted to change it up a bit and give it a mirrored look. I am going to take you through the steps to paint a piece of glass using Looking Glass paint by Krylon. This can be stored outside (I recommend the piece being covered by a porch or awning) or inside. It is so easy to do!

                  First, find a surface to paint. I am using a large window as my canvas. I bought 2 cans, but only ended up using about one and a half. This can be bought at most stores. Our local Walmart and Home Depot have them. (We are not blessed with a Target or Hobby Lobby in Seymour, Indiana)

                   Before you get started you need to clean the glass surface. I started out with a razor blade and some CLR to make sure there were no streaks. (Remember, this window has been pained in chalkboard paint so it had some leftover black streaks that wouldn't come off!) When I was done CLR'ing I cleaned both sides of the glass using paper towel and glass cleaner.

               When the glass is done drying you are ready to paint! Krylon has excellent directions. I just follow the back of the can. *Don't forget when spraying on the glass you must spray the side that will be touching the surface of the wall you are using to hang.*

These directions are VERY user friendly.
Don't be nervous, remember, if you mess us you can
use a razor blade to scrape it off and start over.

This has one coat on one glass pane.
                 I painted 3-4 coats on my window. Between each coat I let it dry for about ten minutes. It is amazing what a little spring-ish weather and 2 cans of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint can do to your mood. I am ready to sit out back and enjoy doing nothing but TPT this summer.

Finished product.

                The same day I did this project we also had a hike with some deserving students. We went to Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge, a local National Park, and took a short hike and had a snack. Our students loved it! We were able to have a park ranger lead us on our hike and explain some of the things we saw. It was a very rewarding experience, we will definitely do it again!

Even though it is not green yet, this
poison ivy can still get you!

               Wherever you are, I hope you have warmer weather coming your way! Good luck on your next painting project! Send us a picture of what you painted using Krylon Looking Glass paint.

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