Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do Work!

Well....Finally, the snow has come to a stop...for now.  Kelli and I got to spend the day with our students (we did have a two hour delay). Fingers crossed we will not get what is expected this weekend! 
On our day off yesterday we spent some quality time working on our new favorite project....Two Teacher Friends. Between the laughs, the photo opps, and the trying to stay warm in my old house, we did get some work done. It makes working fun when Pandora is cranked up and we enjoy what we are working on. 
This week TPT is having a S-A-L-E! (omg, omg, a sale, what will you buy?) Not only will our free items'er...but our priced items will be discounted by 20%. I have already stocked up my cart with goodies from my favorite stores on the site. I suggest you do the same.

Sorry to cut this post so short. My quinoa is about to be burned.

go to and follow Two Teacher Friends


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