Friday, March 13, 2015

What is this stuff?!?!

   Today we made Oobleck. It was big fun! All week long we have been studying solids, liquids, and gases. We wrapped up our unit by making both a solid and a liquid!
   I (Mrs. Patterson) also had a big 'Oh My Gosh" moment as the day was winding down....I realized I am "one of those teachers". By this I mean "one of those teachers that creates things for Teachers Pay Teachers". Just a few short years ago-pre husband, pre homeowner, pre not in college anymore-I was the one saying "who has time to make all these great resources?!" Now friends, I'm that girl. My class slowly but surely has been using the products Two Teacher Friends are creating and it is awesome! It really makes me mad I didn't start sooner. 
   I love seeing the students faces as they get to feel the Oobleck for the first time. One boy even said "What is this stuff!?" After the Oobleck was made they had to fill out a short question page-be sure to grab it on our TPT store! I cannot wait to read their responses. Each child was sent home with a bag of Oobleck and a recipe card with directions for creating their own at home (sorry parents!).
    Room 410 had a lot of fun today!

            Have a weekend filled with sunshine, family, and an IU Basketball win!

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