Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Beautiful Day for a Race!

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Race!
      We took our first field trip to the Indianapolis 500.  What an amazing place.  First of all, IT’S HUGE!  "My Teacher Friend" and I came home exhausted from all the walking.  Did you know it’s the world’s largest spectator sport facility?  Did I mention we walked...a lot.  It felt like the world’s largest to us too.  It’s been said that Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, Churchill Downs, the Colosseum in Rome and Vatican City all can fit inside the Indy oval.  It is 253 acres!
          It gets its nickname “The Brickyard” from the 3.2 million bricks that used to line the Speedway.  The only bricks showing now are the row of bricks at the start/finish line.  It’s a tradition for the winner to kiss the bricks.  The kids had a great time kissing the bricks.

         The Pagoda stands 199 feet from the ground to the top of the flagpole.  The first Pagoda was built in 1913.  The current Pagoda was built in 2000.  With its Japanese inspiration, it’s impressive!


                 This year’s race will be held on Sunday, May 24th  where 24,000 pounds of fries will be consumed in one day.  I’m not a person for crowds so I’m going to be happy with my field trip with the kids.  

            I do wish I could have had a souvenir.So many cars...surely they wouldn’t miss one!?!

            Just wanted to give you a little taste of Indiana.  If you live close enough to drive, think about the Indi 500 for your field trip.  Everything was free!   That's right, free!  They even reimburse transportation costs.  It was the easiest field trip ever!


Lots of love and prayers for sunny days!

Your Teacher Friend

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