Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2 days....

Guys-the end is near! I am going to make it!
 My husband has noticed the end is coming to an end too....Just last weekend he made the comment on my case of sugar free Red Bull purchase (sorry boy! We are out of Spark and this lady needs a boost!) 

I know summer is near for a few reasons:

-my classroom is a disaster zone. (Why is it when paper clips are needed in the middle of the year there are none in my room and them BAM! tooooooooooooons the last week of school?)

-my hair is slowly but surely becoming very, very frizzy.

-Prep for Summer school has begun!

-I actually enjoy recess duty:)

-my husband has not had to iron a dress in a really long time

-some students are starting to buzz with excitement

-the class has enjoyed a lot of fun learning games! (today we played Geometry Musical Chairs for the first was so fun! We got to listen to music and solve perimeter and area problems, my students loved it!)

-I am real tired. (I just got done Face Timing my friend and the first thing she said was "You look exhausted!" Yep! That's me!)

-My teacher friend and I have a lot of ideas of what to create this summer and I am itching to start!

It is 10:39. This is why I am tired. Perhaps I stay up too late? Tell us your summer plans! (Especially if you are going on a great, lavish vacation! We would like to live vicariously through you!)


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