Sunday, July 12, 2015

Updating Classroom Decor


Kelli and  I have decided to update our classrooms this year...I know mine needed an update! We are down to a month before school starts and I have been itching to get back in my room to get it set up. I am still waiting for my new borders to come in, otherwise I am sure I would already be there!

This summer I have done a few crafts to 'make things cute'. Lucky for you I am sharing my cuteness right here, right now.  

I had a tall, ugly, black floor lamp and lampshade I got FOR FREE last year. Now this gem is a cute, googly-eyed purple. 

Painted the black a cute purple!
Added googly-eyes to this plain shade!
My next homemade classroom decor: fabric garland. So believably easy to make! I have made a ton of these before for baby showers/gifts/weddings/and now my classroom! I simply pick a few colors and textures of fabric, I always buy the absolute cheapest! I try to get at least 5 different types of fabric....this one had 7. The beauty of this is there is no sewing or cutting. I cup a small line to make sure I can rip it and then simply tear off the fabric~be careful, it is a stringy mess that my husband does not enjoy ~I tear all the fabric and then start tying it on the thick string. If you want better instructions let me know and I will be happy to send them to you:) 
Imagine this hanging over the windows in your classroom! That's where mine is going.
The last bit of decor I have is for the hallway. At our school, there are no bulletin boards in the halls, we simply staple to the wall....and it is an ugly, plain color wall! For the start of the year hallway decor Kelli had the best idea of hanging cutesy burlap ribbon to make a border. So naturally, I went to Walmart right away to pick up all they had! Kelli is a teal girl, she gets the teal chevrons~my wall will have the pinky salmon stripes! The top and bottom of the border will have the multi colored chevrons to tie both of our class bulletin boards together...I love it when our hallway is sort of matchy-matchy! It is great being next to someone who enjoys cute just as much as I do! On the insides we will put our students fourth grade selfies. 
Head to Walmart to pick up your clearance burlap!

When it is all complete I will post some pictures! I just had to let you know about all this cuteness now in case you wanted to create some cute of your own!

Happy Sunday!

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