Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Homework Club

It is almost August and our brains are swimming with ideas. One thing we wanted to change this year is how we collect Homework. It is every teacher’s nightmare!  How do you keep track?  How do you organize?  How much do you give?  How do you make it fair?  We have created a product to help with at least one part of this unending dilemma.  It's a complete system called the Homework Club. 

This is an amazing way to make turning in homework a cool thing to do in your classroom.  It starts with you...yes, you...the teacher!  You have to make this a really big deal.  Promote it!  Display it!  Talk it up! Students need to believe it is the Best. Thing. Ever.

Each day students turn their homework in (in our classroom we use pocket charts). If they fail to do so they are kicked out of that months club and cannot receive the prize. If a student does not have their homework done you take away their number (we use numbers in our classroom, if you choose to use a name that option is that available).

At the end of the month those students that still have their name or number on the Homework Chart get a free homework pass, a bookmark, and a certificate. You can give one prize or all three, the choice is yours! 

There is also a signing section. This is where students sign a display poster each month they have made it into the club. In our classrooms to make this a big deal we hang the homework club 'autographs' in a spot where they can be seen! This is great for students to see daily~it is also nice when parents come in for a visit to see how well (or not so well...) their child is doing.

Feel free to customize this system to your own needs.  The square number cards can be used in a pocket chart or they can be cut into circles to use as a magnetic system.  There are also cute letters to help with a hallway display.  This is a great kid approved system that can make homework a celebration rather than a drudgery.  Remember:  You have to make this an important part of your every day routine.  

Homework Helper will be 50% the next 3 days (until July 17, 2015). 
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