Monday, August 10, 2015


August 10
August 10, 2015....This was the first day of school.  Our rooms were filled with adorable new faces and some pretty fantastic new personalities.  Usually, I would want to talk about that.   But not tonight.  Tonight I want to talk about August 10, the day one of the most incredible people I know was born.  Today we celebrated the day of birth of Mrs. Patterson.  She turned 28 today!  

I couldnt let today end without writing a tribute to her.  I have been blessed to teach next to her for close to four years now.  It has been four of the best years of my teaching career.  She makes every day better.  I can sit at my desk and hear her laughter travel from her room to mine and it makes my world happier.  She is the very best person to share a laugh with, making me laugh so hard that I very often cry.  Seriously, my make up is a mess most of the time these days!  She sees the good in others.  She always has kind words to say to lift another up.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand.  She is one of the happiest and bubbliest people I know.  She is a good wife, always saying kind things about her husband, and always wanting him lifted up and happy.  She is an amazing daughter, worrying about her mom and dad when they are stressed, calling her mom to laugh about the happenings of the day.  She is a compassionate sister, attending her brothers events, making each of their favorite desserts for no other reason except that she loves them.  She is a kind and caring coworker, thinking of others with a card, a favorite snack, a laugh, or sometimes a hug.  She is the easiest person in the world to talk to and can be trusted with even the scariest of secrets.  I could go on and on singing her praises because its hard to find any of her faults among all of her many amazing qualities including her ability to WOW a group of kiddos!  They all love could they not?  To sum it up, I can say with all confidence that 28 years ago the world became a better place when she entered the world.  I will be forever grateful that God blessed me with her as a coworker, a confidante, and as a very true friend.  You are one of a kind, Mrs. Patterson!  Thanks for being you! 


The Other Two Teacher Friend

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