Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jumping into summer!

Today was the last day. As I am sure every teacher does, we had mixed feelings....sadness, happiness, over-it-ness, missing our kids already-ness! The last day always goes by fast. It's a mixture of "oh my gosh I have to get my room cleaned, I get to be outside all day, and I have to pass out report cards and give all my friends 5th grade pep talks". Really, teachers do it all, ya know.

After the sunscreen was added and lunches were gone, we were ready to go outside! For us big kids, field day was from 1:00-2:45. Teachers walk around to each station with their class~ it was too much fun for me not to join in. I would say my favorite station was the hula hoop station. Here, students hold hands and make the hula hoops go around their bodies. The kiddos loved the water station, duh, they were able to get wet and cool down!
 We have parent volunteer and classroom aides assist during field day..how does you school do it? 

The following pictures are pictures from our end of the year party. Only a select few get invited, depending on how many points they get throughout the year (it's like golf, lowest score wins!). We cooked out, we played life sized Jenga, bubbles, had a water balloon fight, and played ships and sailors. We had a great time!

One last thing~ as a teacher, do you do anything towards the end of the year? I love putting a small amount of glitter in my the report cards. This is my 3rd year doing it! I randomly use glitter throughout the year (BECAUSE I LOVE IT!) so I know my students will think of me when they open their report cards.

Be great this summer! 

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