Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Never too old to write!

Being a fourth grade teacher means a lot. It means your students are on the verge of being big kids. It means you are always on call for giant hugs--or mean glances, depending on the day, and the student. It means harder spelling, reading and math! It means Indiana history (if you live in Indiana, of course!). It means your students are young enough to still love you and old enough to understand your sense of humor! It also means B-O. Yes, you read that right. Body Odor. Trust me, on recess days towards 'the end', you do not want to be in a 4th grade classroom after recess. It can get stinky! (Disclaimer: the beginning of the year never smells as bad as the end of the year! Take our word for it, do not sniff!) 

Today, we did shaving cream spelling. It was just awesome. Not only did the room smell very nice and refreshing, but the kids had actual fun! Our little 9 and 10 year olds love this stuff! Just because 4th grade is getting up there in the age department does not mean they do not enjoy some good S&S (shaving and spelling instead of R&R....see what I did there?)

Some tips for shaving cream spelling.....
*Use the restroom and get a drink before it commences (even 4th graders can have a hard time holding it!)
*Give each desk, or work area, a large squirt of shaving cream so you do not have to return!
*Give students directions before they touch the shaving cream
        ~Use only one hand
        ~Take 3 or 4 fingers and spread out the shaving cream in the middle of you work area so that you are able to write a word.
       ~When the teacher says "Clear." that means wipe your area with yuor 3-4 fingers to start your new word.
*When done with the spelling list give students time to play in the cream! Remind them that is should stay in the center of their work area and it should only be on one hand! (this really makes clean-up much easier for the teacher! When the shaving cream in rubbed a lot it dries up and disappears. Allow the students to use paper towel if they are having trouble.)
*When all the desks are clear and everyone has washed their ,we clean our desktops with our amazing cleanup spray. You need to getcha some.
*Remember, if it gets on clothes, carpet, or a face.....its clean and washes out!

Have fun, friends!

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