Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's not like the movies...

     A really good friend of mine recently had a baby. First, let me say.....he is SO SO SO cute. I have been giddy and excited for the past 24 hours for their new little family. Secondly, folks, it is not like it is in the movies!
     A few of our friends have recently had babies. I have been talking, hearing stories, and added to the group question texts to hear all about the silly/exciting/ewwwwy/fun things that are involved in becoming a new mommy. (Did you know there is such a thing as after birthing pads?!) 
     When the hubs and I went to visit new baby B at the hospital I learned a lot. I have been living a sheltered life. I never thought I knew a lot about birthing, but enough. Remember, I have 27 kids of my own, all of which are not mine....sooooo I have no idea what it feels like, sounds like, looks get the idea. Here is a little idea of what I had in mind: 

1) I thought everyone in the birthing room would be wearing scrubs
         -The new daddy got to wear whatever! I was bummed for him, scrubs sound so exciting compared to my teacher clothes!

2) I assumed birth would not be in the same room I got to visit the new family hours after baby B was welcomed to the world!
         -I know I have seen on Grey's a mother being wheeled to another room really, really, really fast down the hallways....FIELD TRIP!

3) 10 is a really big number!!!!!!!! This needs no explanation.

4) I thought I would look at a lot of babies behind a glass window.  I couldn't imagine I'd be lucky enough to hold him!
        -You know the window I am talking about....This was not there. I literally got to hold new baby B hours after he came into this stinking cool is that?!

6) His head was not in a cone shape. As a teacher, I know this is an opinion. But really, baby B has a great head!

5) The only time you are not allowed to visit is 1-3 for mommy/baby cuddling. 
       -Don't these new moms sleep? See you at 11:30 pm for a quick visit. (Just kidding, we all know I need my beauty rest.)

I had to get that off my chest. I am still in shock about the scrubs....I know this new dad would have put them to good use too. What a shame. 
So happy to welcome a new little friend to this world....we will have round 2 in June with different friends...I cannot wait to see what I learn then.

This has been procrastination at its finest. Time to pack.
                                                         xxoo {lizz}

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