Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Today a club I run called Wildcat Pride got to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. During our after school meeting we picked up trash on school grounds. Each student got to wear a pair of gloves and carry their own bag to fill with trash. Even though this is a 'yucky' job they seemed to really enjoy it! It is so great to see a group of 13-15 kids that want to help their school community by volunteering and making the school a better place. Here are a few cute little hands picking up...

I feel like a crazy woman this week---I need to pack for Spring Break  (~we leave early Saturday!~), go shopping for said trip, get my oil changed on my car, get my hair highlighted, and grade a math test...oh, and at my house, laundry is an everyday thing (still trying to get that one right as a housewife)
That being said....I think I will create something new for Two Teacher Friends TPT store. Who needs sleep when there is sugar free red bull.....

Much Love---- {lizz}

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