Sunday, March 29, 2015

The week after...

Yesterday, Mrs. Patterson {me} made the journey home from Florida....My husband drove the whole way home! I sat shotgun and the other co-pilot was in the back seat singing loud.

                                            Mrs. Reinhart has been working hard on fun TPT things-I cannot lie- I AM SO JEALOUS! Over break I was ready to go, laptop and all...our condo didn't have WiFi, what are the odds. Not only was I upset I couldn't work like I had planned, but I was mad I even packed my large you understand how many more shoes I could have packed!?
This week is jam-packed with review, ISTEP prep, and even a field trip! We get to go to the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) for the first time with our fourth graders. 
Glad to be back, ready to see my teacher friends, and very excited to have warm Indiana weather (even though Florida weather is much nicer) 

I have missed this lady~but not the large recess jackets!

                                            xxoo {the teacher on the right}

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